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Love Air

Masuku One Filter Pack

Masuku One Filter Pack

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Replacement filters for Masuku One, available in packs of 10 or 50.

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Dedicated Development

Since 2016, the LoveAir team has been obsessively developing a sophisticated air filtration product that people can truly rely on for breathing the purest and safest air possible. From day one, creating the most sustainable face mask on the marketplace was as great a priority as its superior filtration performance. Each LoveAir product has been created to help humans function at their highest level by significantly improving their health and wellbeing in new, revolutionary ways.

Advanced Filtration

LoveAir’s patent-pending filtration technology is capable of achieving over 94% filtration efficiency. Pre-certification third-party testing also shows pressure drop to be at least 35% lower than certification thresholds. This means LoveAir products have superior breathability and lightness, whilst offering powerful filtration performance.

Comfortable Breathability

Ultra-light electrospun filter, paired with recycled technical spacer mesh material, makes for a softer, ventilated feel and adjustable earloops allow the wearer to customise the fit for overall easy-to-wear comfort.

Planet-Kind Technologies

Comfortable lightweight fabrics made from recycled materials house a bio-based high performance filtration system. Constructed using 100% bio based and biodegradable materials (filter) and re-usable recycled and re-recyclable technical spacer knit (exterior).